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CI/CD 101 with CircleCI

CI/CD, CircleCI1 min read

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine at Kulkul Tech, asked me to do a webinar about CI/CD using CircleCI.

You can first read my brief explanation about CI/CD below or just skip to the end of the page and watch the recorded YouTube session.

What is CI/CD?


CI (Continuous Integration) is a development practice where several developers integrate code into a shared repository, usually through a PR (Pull Request). This PR will then go through several automated steps, usually building and testing steps, to verify whether it's gonna broke existing code or not.

CD is divided into 2 definitions, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Continuous Delivery means that everything is done automatically, except deployment to production. Deployment to production still needs to be done manually, usually by a push of a button or by pushing release tag to code repository. While Continuous Deployment means deployment to production also done automatically, without needing any manual intervention.

What is CircleCI?


CircleCI is a CI/CD tool that you can use to build your CI/CD pipeline. It heavily uses Docker in its workflow so if you already use Docker in your project then CircleCI is a great choice. If you're working on an open source project, it's free forever!

Here is the recorded session of my talk about CI/CD with CircleCI on YouTube.

You can find the demo repository in here.

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